Matthieu Samson’s PET Bottle Cutter

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Matthieu Samson’s PET Bottle Cutter

Matthieu Samsons PET bottle cutter for PETamentor2

It is less than a year since the publication of the first version of PETamentor, which is still active (view the page of the original PETamentor project). The project was posted on youtube and found a large user base that formed a community. Some members became leaders with their activity and help to others. Today we bring a major upgrade for PETamentor 2.

Matthieu Samson’s Cutter

After posting a poll on the problems with the PETamentor’s mechanical parts, we found out in our Facebook group that the original cutter with the break-off knife was causing the most trouble for users. The cutter had a lot of resistance and sometimes caused the puller motor to fail.

Maximum efficiency for PET Bottle cutting

This type of cutter is a solution to the problems with cutting the tape of PET bottles and mainly allows you to adjust its width on the fly. We found inspiration in other solutions in the form of bearings. Our new admin for the FB group (Matthieu Samson) brought an excellent solution with the possibility of continuously adjusting the width of the tape while the machine is running. This enables maximum efficiency in the production of filament from different types of bottles.

So we have a new official version of PETamentor 2

The STL files have been added with the author’s kind permission to the PETamentor2 files, the newly updated version of which bears the designation of the first letters of the surname Samson-Šraitr/Šraitr-Samson…
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