About price

Parts for the PETamentor are available on Aliexpress (cheapest purchase, longer delivery time), or on Amazon. The price of parts from Aliexpress fits under $50. The links are universal and sometimes it is possible that you will come across the same goods with slightly different parameters. It is important to check that the parameters of the parts are the same as described in the parts list.

Sorry I’m not selling PETamentors

The main reason is the time required for production (I have a full time job) and the cost of shipping the package. Recently, I tried to get a price from an international courier to transport a package to one of the African countries, because the interested user did not have enough resources for production. The price of the package came to almost $1000.

Printig Temperatures For PET Filament

The melting point for PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) is 260 °C. I am printing at this temperature on my stock Ender 6. The bed temperature is set to 70°C. You can find more about PET on the Wiki.

How many meters of filament you get from one bottle?

This is a very variable value. The most important thing is the size of the bottle. The average length of the filament made from a 2L bottle is around 7 meters. With a suitable method of preparation with a hot air gun, you can achieve a larger amount of filament from one bottle.

How long does it take to convert one bottle?

The time required to process a 2L bottle is around 45 minutes. The transformation of the bottle into filament cannot be accelerated in any way, not even by increasing the temperature. This is a physical limit.

What size of nozzle are you using?

At the time of writing the article, we are using a standard nozzle size of 0.4mm for making filament and for printing. I look forward to the arrival of a nozzle for a PET bottle recycling device such as the PETamentor. Hopefully someone will fill the hole in the market quickly.