PET Bottle Filament test print videos

Vase mode 3D printed from PET bottle filament

Some 3D Prints of our FB Group users Here you can find some videos and pictures with 3D prints of PET bottle filament made on PETamentor. There are already thousands of users in our FB group who share not only their problems with the production of filament from PET bottles, but also 3D prints from […]

Matthieu Samson’s PET Bottle Cutter

Matthieu Samsons PET bottle cutter for PETamentor2

It is less than a year since the publication of the first version of PETamentor, which is still active (view the page of the original PETamentor project). The project was posted on youtube and found a large user base that formed a community. Some members became leaders with their activity and help to others. Today […]


bottle filament machine parts

Now you can shop your parts directly from website. I decided to make a simple Aliexpress dropshop to reduce mistakes with selecting variants (parameters of parts). The final price of PETamentor2 parts is $80 with delivery fees. Delivery time is the same as on Aliexpress, so you can get your parts on Amazon (more […]

Cutter Gear

filament machine gear

The first part of the tutorial is the assembly of the cutter gearbox. It is possible to use PLA or PETg for printing all parts. The ideal infill is 40%.